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Banking trojans ZeuS can be beaten: antivirus of the last generation comes to the market

The global Internet community shuddered when the network got infected with ZeuS virus, able to use remote access for both tracking and transmitting to the hackers servers any data from the PC, including financial files.

Practice shows that ZeuS can break through almost any modern computer protection. This virus is able to circumvent both coordinates systems and certificates with pass keys to personal accounts, as well as additional authentication forms (usually located under the unit password field called magic word), and one of the most reliable identification devices used in banking business DiggiPass (Go3).

The incredible speed of ZeuS trojans propagation has already caused the attacks of over 3,5 million computers in the United States. Of the total number of computer infections with various viruses Trojan ZeuS accounts for almost 8%.

The financial damage caused by these virus attacks is really vast, as in every hundredth case of infection, the amounts disappearing from the Internet users accounts range up to 100,000 dollars. In 50 cases out of 1000, these amounts are much smaller. This virus is the most dangerous if stealing from the corporate accounts the money assigned for the paying employees the salary.

The mechanism of how the virus works is rather simple: during the banking session the login operation to Internet banking service is performed from the infected computer, and ZeuS immediately transfers the victim's money to the intruders account. Moreover, the latest edition of the trojan is equipped with Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which allows to completely expel the users contribution. This innovation enables self-authorization in various systems, unpunished use of the browser and the ability to transfer from any account. Firefox and Internet Explorer are considered the most exposed to the virus.

In Western Europe and the United States ZeuS trojan constantly attacks the accounts of the Bank of America, Fidelity retirement accounts and brokerage accounts of companies like Option Express, Ameritrade, E-Trade, Thinkorswim and Schwabs.Despite online banking is only in the start of the process of acquiring the popularity in Russia, ZeuS trojan rages here as well. Accounts of Citibank and Alfa-Bank are under the threat now, as well as payment systems such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money, W1, RBK Money, Assist and OSMP (Qiwi).

The holders of plastic cards should be especially careful and attentive, because it is very easy now to transfer the billing address online from statistics, hereupon your money can simply disappear from the account via almost any online shop.

Until recently, due to polymorphic encryption, it was impossible for virtually any antivirus system to neutralize ZeuS Trojan, even though their virus databases were up-to-date. Now the computer market received a remarkable innovation Shield EC. Developers assure that this antivirus guarantees a 100% protection from ZeuS trojan attacks, even in the case of its absence in the virus databases.

Press release of the developing company Martindale Enterprises Limited tells about the two-year collaboration with the ZeuS epidemics Prevention Centre (ZeuS Tracker), resulted in the creation of Shield EC, an antivirus able to be applied by large corporations. It will reduce the risk of financial losses caused by ZeuS virus activity to zero.

Today the official distributors of the company already offer to purchase Shield EC on their websites at a cost of about $70. It seems to be the paltry cost if compared to the potential financial losses.


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