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A wide range of legal services for organizations and citizens, as well as new projects: Personal lawyer, Business lawyer, legal advice, saving our clients time and considerable money to pay for legal assistance. The site contains information on such issues as: the court, the prosecutor's office, the highest arbitration court, the criminal code, criminal law, family law, administrative law. Lawyers and lawyers of the College provide qualified legal assistance in all matters of legal support and provide legal services to citizens on housing, family, hereditary and other civil disputes, as well as provide protection in criminal cases. In our work, we focus on such indicators as the professional provision of legal services, individual approach and maximum efficiency for our clients. Ten years of excellent work - a guarantee of the quality of our services.

Lawyers of the college will provide qualified legal assistance and represent the interests of principals in all types of proceedings, namely, in the courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration and arbitration courts, to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation, without limiting you to the territorial framework of the city of Moscow and are ready to represent your interests in any region of Russia, as well as at the European Court of Human Rights.

  • ARBITRATION - Representation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in arbitration, as well as pre-trial (claim) dispute resolution;
  • CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS - defense of the suspect, the accused, the defendant at the stages of preliminary investigation and in court, representation of the interests of the victim, participation in the interrogation of a witness, representation of the interests of a civil plaintiff and a defendant upon submission of a civil suit, departure to the principal during his arrest and the conduct of urgent investigative actions by law enforcement agencies;
  • Accident protection and representation of the principal's interests in the traffic police, court, prosecutor's office, disputes with insurance companies regarding insurance payments;
  • ADMINISTRATIVE CASES Representing the interests of the principal in the traffic police review group for traffic violations, deprivation of driving license, administrative detention, suspension of the company;
  • THE PROPERTY full support of real estate transactions, verification and legal analysis of documents when concluding contracts, preparation of a contract, termination of contracts concluded, invalidation of contracts in court; any other disputes related to real estate;
  • PROPERTY DIVISION verbal and written consultations; definition and separation of the property of the spouses acquired during the marriage, property that is the personal property of one of the spouses; representing clients in out-of-court settlement of a dispute, up to and including participation in signing a property sharing agreement with a notary; Representing the interests of the client when considering a dispute in court, in all judicial instances; preparation of procedural documents (claims, objections to the claim, petitions, settlement agreements, etc.).
  • HOUSING DISPUTES Privatization, recognition of the right of ownership of a dwelling, recognition of the right to use a dwelling, registration at the place of residence and disputes with passport desks on registration, check-in and check-out, determination of the procedure for the use of residential premises, the allocation of the share of the total ownership of the dwelling;
  • FAMILY LAW drawing up a marriage contract, divorce, maintenance obligations, division of property of spouses, agreement on the division of property, determination of the place of residence of children, deprivation or restriction of parental rights, paternity;
  • HERITAGE DEEDS invalidation of the will, separation of the mandatory share of inherited property, disputes between the heirs;
  • LABOR DISPUTES reinstatement, termination of contract for military personnel and ATS employees; as well as exercise legal support of business and advise on corporate, banking, currency, antitrust and business legislation.

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